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The Silmarillion. Luthien by fishnbacon
The Silmarillion. Luthien
So this is a piece I did for the Ladies of Literature Anthology 2! The Kickstarter was surprisingly successful and we reached like 3 stretch goals in the end *0*

Anyways for those of you who don't know your Tolkien lore, Luthien is an elven princess who at one point basically kicked Sauron's ass (back when Sauron was a much more powerful baddie than the pathetic fool he was in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings) and claimed his castle as her own, saved a crap ton of enslaved elves, and brought her boyfriend back to life like twice. All in the stretch of a month or so. So it's safe to say that she is the bestest character in all of Middle Earth.
Fairytale by fishnbacon
omg how do you even use this site anymore 8|
If anyone wanna see (almost) daily posts please follow my instagram! DA is too hard to get around to nowadays xD

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If not, would you give permission to post with your DevArt credited?
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Happy birthday!! Hey how's it going? Me and my friends stopped by your booth at AR. We got your sailor scoutpins. I dropped a candy and asked for your username but you ran out of business cards
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happy birthday!
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